Modern open source online store

+ Web Site  + E-Commerce  + E-Marketing

The dedicated website module will serve as the control center for all eCommerce operations right from the start of website construction.

Free website builder

Design like a professional designer in the modular system

  • Customize your website with pre-designed modules
  • Chat for customer acquisition
  • Integrated client portal
  • Ready for several languages
  • Designed for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Based on a modern structure​
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Take advantage of our fully integrated ERP marketing solutions

From social media to push notifications and chat, Odoo has everything you need to boost your online business.

    Plan, monitor and analyze your social networks all in one place.
    Send push notifications anywhere on the Internet.
    Talk to visitors and turn them into prospects and customers.
    Follow the links to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The eCommerce platform you were looking for.

No need to be a developer

Constructor Drag & Drop

Odoo comes with a wide selection of building blocks. With a Drag & Drop system for creating stunning pages, creating a website has never been easier.

Design your store in 4 easy steps

Use the AI website configurator to create your website in 4 easy steps. Odoo will provide royalty-free images based on your industry.

Professional themes

Odoo comes with beautiful native themes designed for every industry. You can also create your own custom theme or use one from our theme store.

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Sell all types of products

Odoo adapts to all types of business. It has hundreds of ready-to-use functions. You no longer need to invest in a lot of software.

Configuration variants and attributes

Configure product variants, such as color or size, and set a different price for each configuration.

Stores and multi-sites for professionals (B2B)

Make the store accessible only to authorized users, and use price lists to display different prices.

Automated tax rates

Your sales taxes are automatically applied according to your customer's type and country of residence.

Omnichannel strategy

Thanks to the various Odoo,
you can connect your online store to other sales channels,
such as your POS or CRM.


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