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Send meticulous quotations with Odoo Signature and online payment.


Track your leads, close deals and 
enjoy your sales forecasts.


Send professional quotes
with signature and online payment.

Point of sales

Simple and practical, install in minutes, 
sell in seconds.
Compatible with any other device.

Tracking prospects, acquiring customers

Sales, warehousing, production, purchasing and accounting are the backbone of almost every business. With Odoo (formerly known as Open ERP), the basic sales and purchasing process is simpler and more flexible than ever.
What's more, there are a number of exceptional features not found in a traditional ERP system. With further integration into CRM, Internet, project management and integration System (PMIS) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP), the system meets all the requirements of a complete enterprise software package. Discover the great possibilities offered by Odoo ERP on this page. 



Why choose the CRM Odoo? 

Odoo is a popular open-source CRM that offers a range of features and tools to help companies manage and improve their customer relationships. The reasons why Odoo CRM is considered a good software are: its flexibility, its customization options, its wide range of integrations with other business tools, and its value for money compared to other CRM software. What's more, being open-source, users can access the source code and make modifications to the software to suit their specific needs.

Get precision forecasts

Use meaningful data to make better decisions

 Obtenez les informations dont vous avez besoin pour prendre des                         décisions plus judicieuses

 Create customized dashboards to get an overview of your business..

 Expand your knowledge with real-time reports and flowcharts that                         anyone can create and share

Do more in less time

Plan activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mailings and offers. Receive directly all the information you need about your opportunity: websites consulted, e-mails received, etc.

Système CRM Montréal

Point of sales (POS)

Odoo POS is based on an intelligent interface that any retail business can use without difficulty. Because it's extremely flexible, you can configure Odoo POS to meet your precise needs.



Send offers online with eSignature and online payment.

Apply templates

Send offers

Complete the contract

Prompt Payment

Real-time preview

Easily check your performance and upcoming activities.

Keep track of your performance against your monthly targets. Organize your work around your next planned actions.

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