Modules for manufacturing operations

A modern solution for an historic industry


Calculation of materials and components required for manufacturing


Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or master production scheduling


Product lifecycle management
for modern companies

Manufacturing reinvented

Odoo MRP is the dedicated tool available in the platform for material requirements and planning adapted to the production industry. Moreover, with dedicated tools as such, Odoo Fabrication will meet all a company's production operational requirements, and is the best tool available on the market today.


No more clocking in and out

Precise planning based directly on actual production time measurements.

All in one

MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM full integrated.

Real-time communication

Display worksheets and quality alerts to workers during operations.

Workshop automation

Capture data from your equipment in real time using the API.

Best inventory software

Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or master production scheduling to automate procurement. Let the planner calculate everything for you. Use routes, constraints and lead times to optimize stock levels and avoid shortages.


Excellent Reporting & KPIs

Control your productivity with real-time OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and monitor the 6 main areas of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). Monitor maintenance KPIs such as Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Create customized dashboards to monitor performance in real time.
Get dynamic reports on everything! From costs to traceability, performance analysis, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and more. These reports enable you to make informed decisions for your business.

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