Our team at Arche TI

Marc Cassuto 
Founder & CEO

Marc, our CEO, is responsible for making our employees and customers "happy".

Julie Verier
Chief Happiness Officer

Julie takes care of the team and their well-being. Only good vibes at Arche TI! :)

Ahmed Boutakka
Business Development

Ahmed is your first point of contact if you are interested in Odoo at Arche TI. He makes sure that you are always satisfied. 

Laurence Labusch
Chief Technology Officer

Laurence responsibility is to sustain and develop the IT operations at Arche TI and its customers.

Abdelhakim Abdellaoui
Analyst Support

Abdelkahim is an industrial engineer and takes over the functional and technical support at Arche TI.

Anica Vangelovska
Functional Analyst

Anica analysis business processes and customers' needs and makes implementation of integrated software solutions.

Corinne Cobbel
Project Manager

Corinne is a project manager and as the name suggests, she manages our Odoo projects. ;)

Hugo Hernandez
Analyst Functional

Hugo is responsible for ensuring that your budget is not exceeded. He also finds out the needs of the customer in order to integrate the right system.

Julia Matveeva
Analyst Functional

Julia analyzes and evaluates the existing system for its performance and suggests improvements to the customer.

Mehdi Rehmadna
Analyst Functional

Mehdi supports our customers with the needs analysis and helps with the integration.

Nizar Koubaa
Analyst Functional

Nizar analyzes customer requirements and translates them into an optimized business process.

Wail Tazi
Analyst Functional

Wails position is to support the customer in integrating Odoo into their organization.

Christian Perras
Analyst ERP Finance

Christian is responsible for the implementation of the accounting for customers and the finances of Arche TI.

Zakaria Jabri
Technician Accountant

Zakaria configurates and helps the clients understand how to use the accounting module of odoo.

Audrey Kamga Kadje
Technician Accountant

Audrey holds customer training courses for the Odoo accounting module.

Abdelghani Yahoui
Technician Accountant

Abdel supports customers with accounting, imports their data and trains them in the use of Odoo.

Cécile Jallais
Python Developer

Cecile has a bachelor's degree in politics and a degree in computer science. At Arche TI, she is Python Developer.

Alexei Rivera Acosta
Python Developer

Alexei has been programming since 2016. At Arche TI he writes code, tests in Odoo and deploys to the test server.

Carmen Rondón
Python Developer

Carmen's main responsibily is to design, program, test and put in production the web applications.

Martha Maria Rondón
Python Developer

Martha is Carmen's clone as you can see, which is why she does the same thing as Carmen. ;)

Sulivan Lominchar
Web Developer

Sulivan writes code, tests in Odoo and deploys to the test server.

Kiril  Vangelovski
Python Developer

Kiril, one of our developers, designs and implements Odoo solutions for Arche TI.

Justinas Orechovas
Python Developer

Justinas is developing new modules at Arche TI. He is also our buddy for new web developers.

Tabea Labusch
Marketing & Communication

Tabea makes sure that our website looks beautiful and supports us as a graphic designer in all areas.